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Why is my photo so heavy?

When a photo is taken with a camera, the camera's sensor captures the light and color information and converts it into digital data. This data is then compressed and saved as a file, typically in the JPEG format. The file size of the photo is determined by the amount of data that is captured and saved in the image.

Resolution is one of the main factors that determine the file size of a photo. The higher the resolution, the more pixels are captured in the image, and the larger the file size. For example, a photo taken at 12 megapixels will have a larger file size than one taken at 8 megapixels.

Another factor that can affect the file size is the amount of detail captured in the photo. If the image has a lot of fine details, such as intricate textures or patterns, it will require more data to be saved, resulting in a larger file size.

Additionally, the number of colors used in the photo can also affect the file size. Images with a lot of colors, such as photographs of nature or landscapes, will require more data to be saved, resulting in a larger file size.

Lastly, if the photo was taken in a high-resolution mode or with a lot of editing applied, this can also increase the file size. These editing tools and special effects can add extra data to the image, making it larger.

In summary, the photo you took might be heavy in terms of file size because of the high resolution, the amount of detail captured, the number of colors used, and the amount of editing applied to the image.

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