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How do I resize an image to print it in a specific size?

To resize an image to a specific printing size using our image resizer, you need to first select the units you want to use (centimeters or inches). Then enter the width and height you want to use. For example if you want to print an image with 4 inches width and 6 inches height, you would select "inches" and then enter 4 in the width form field, and 6 in the height form field.

To determine the quality of the printed image, you can change the Resolution (DPI) field too. Using 300dpi is generally the required resolution for professional printing of photos, flyers, marketing materials, etc, as it produces sharp high quality pictures.

In the previous example, using 4x6 inches, and 300dpi, the resized image dimensions would be 1200 x 1800 pixels which means over 2 million dots will be used to print the image in those 4x6 inches, resulting in a lot of detail.

Get your photos and images ready to print with our free image resizer.

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